The experience of a lifetime : contemplate the curvature of the Earth, immersed in the darkness of space, with zero carbon footprint. A luxury service, our space cruise takes very high net worth individuals in the stratopshere in a balloon. Our balloon uses tech transfer from CNES, our patented techs, and is built in partnership with leading industrials. We develop and build the balloon, and operate its commercial flights from 2024 onwards.
Zephalto takes its passengers in a balloon into the stratosphere for a cruise with a view of the Earth, with first trips planned for 2024. In November 2020, Zephalto completed a successful test flight with its Odyssey 8000 prototype balloon. The duration of the flight, its direction and altitude will be customisable to the wishes of the customer. Each element of the balloon is designed to be reusable and solar energy is used for steering.

Web: https://zephalto.com/

Additional Details

  • Space Related Sector
    Space Tourism We also offer testing services for space technology from the stratosphere
  • Founders
  • Tech team
  • Stage of product/service
    Working prototype / Defined service / Combination of them
  • Market situation
    Product/services already sold/pre-sold
  • Largest investor to date
    Grant for EU initiatives (E.g.: SME Instrument phase 2, Fast Track to Innovation (FTI), FET Open)
  • Total cash invested in start-up to date
    Between € 100.000,00 and € 1.000.000,00

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