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DynaCrop is a Lightweight API with advanced satellite products for agriculture. It provides advanced crop monitoring for digital agriculture, AI, farm management systems and other companies providing agriculture solutions. The service offers value-added products based on expertise in earth observation and big data processing for agricultural purposes.
World from Space is a company focusing on the creation of downstream applications based on Earth Observation (EO) and other data, especially from the Copernicus system. WFS has experience with EO data processing (multispectral, SAR), data analysis and visualization, machine learning and integration of the resulting products into GIS and software platforms. For end users, WFS performs analysis in the areas of agriculture, cities, air quality and the environment. WFS participates in ESA international development cooperation contracts, H2020 research projects and consultations on the use of Copernicus data and services. The main product – DynaCrop API provides powerful crop monitoring for agricultural software platforms anywhere in the world. World from Space was incubated in ESA BIC Brno and is the winner of the Copernicus Masters 2018 competition.


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    Earth Observation
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    Product available, service fully tested
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    Less than €100.000,00

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