Vake applies data fusion of satellite images and ship trackers, to automate all ship vessel detections and identification including those vessels that are turning their trackers off.
Vake is a machine learning company at the cutting edge of satellite guided Maritime Domain Awareness. It provides satellite data analytics purely to maritime applications, in particular illegal fishing, assets protection and environmental crimes. By analysing satellite images of the sea, its technology is able to detect ships and personalise its algorithms to the client’s needs.


Additional Details

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  • Project Name
    Vake - Deep Maritime Insights
  • Space Related Sector
    Maritime Domain Awareness, Satellite imagery, EO, Copernicus Sentinel data
  • Founders
  • Tech team
  • Stage of product/service
    Proof of concept / technology validated
  • Market situation
    Product/services in beta test
  • Largest investor to date
  • Total cash invested in start-up to date
    Between € 100.000,00 and € 1.000.000,00

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