Urban Comfort (Ecoten)


Based on satellite imagery and local geographic data, our map helps city makers to identify the most vulnerable areas toward extreme heat events.
Ecoten (Urban Comfort) focuses on helping urban deciders to build more resilient and sustainable cities. They develop Heat Vulnerability maps, and recommand heat mitigation strategies to reduce the Urban Heat Island effect. This helps decision-makers to identify issues and implement better strategies. Ecoten has worked in Vienna, Prague and Las Vegas, among others.

Web: https://urban-comfort.eu/

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    Urban Heat Vulnerability Assessment
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    To build our map, we take three (or more) type of geospatial data that we combine to bring a more holistic approach of the threat of heat events over the city, to decision makers. We are using Copernicus data from Sentinel 2 and Landsat 8
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    Product/Service complete
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    The Founder
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    Between €100.000,00 and €1.000.000,00

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