Unsinkable Robotics


Unsinkable Robotics is promoting sustainable aquafarming through using underwater robots. These robots enable to establish and maintain aquafarms in more rough conditions thus decentralizing the seafood production.
Unsinkable Robotics offers an autonomous robot platform. Its modular design allows them to perform various tasks underwater. The uses of the technology range from observation to underwater mapping and it can be used in aquaculture (algae and fish farms), underwater construction (seafloor mapping, pipeline and aquafarm construction), harbour monitoring and underwater research (3D mapping)

Web: https://unsinkable.eu/

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    Unsinkable is using high precision GNSS to navigate and mark any points of interest with the underwater robot. Combined with readings from various sensors Unsinkable can determine its location with high precision.
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    Working prototype / Defined service / Combination of them
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    Product/services in beta test
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    Less than €100.000,00

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