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Tisalabs is a software and hardware solutions company providing IoT and IoT security products and services to its customers. Our TisaIoT platform allows the provisioning and deployment of millions of IoT devices in a multitude of applications ranging from maritime, renewable energy to smart cities as well as industry 4.0. We provide our customers with easy to use, ready to deploy software packages that allows them to provision IoT devices securely.

Tisalabs build Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to suit customers’ needs while maintaining a high degree of cyber security. Tisalabs build customized dashboards, with end-to-end security management from Sensor to cloud using our Edge Gateway devices. Their Edge Gateway device processes data and makes extracting insights easier using machine learning models.

Web: https://www.tisalabs.com

Additional Details

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  • Space Related Sector
    Tisalabs solution is tightly coupled with Space sector as it provides a solution in 2 areas: 1- Satellite communication security and monitoring, using either short burst messaging modems or TCP/IP based communication modems. 2- A solution to protect GPS location technology from spoofing our jamming attacks thus providing a very reliable GPS tracking
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  • Tech team
  • Stage of product/service
    Proof of concept / technology validated
  • Market situation
    Product/services in beta test
  • Largest investor to date
    Family and friends
  • Total cash invested in start-up to date
    Between € 100.000,00 and € 1.000.000,00

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