T4i is active in two parallel frames, electric and chemical propulsion systems for small satellite mobility in space and hybrid-rocket for low- cost access to space.

In the frame of electric thrusters, T4i has developed the REGULUS propulsion systems’ family, exploiting its extensive expertise on the Magnetic Enhanced Plasma Technology.
REGULUS-50 is the smallest thruster within the family and is a complete and innovative 1.5U electric propulsion system suitable for micro and nanosatellite platforms from 6U to 150kg. REGULUS-50 is the first Italian propulsion system based on solid Iodine and is currently performing its IOD mission. REGULUS-150 and REGULUS-500, based on the same technology, are the scale-up version of REGULUS-50 in power (150 W and 500 W respectively) and performance.
In the frame of chemical thrusters, T4i is developing monopropellant thrusters in the range 1-500 N, and a bi-propellant thruster using kerosene in the range 1- 500 N (scalable to few kN). Today these technologies
reached TRL 5/6 depending on the application. T4i uses green propellants only, like the HTP. In the frame of hybrid rockets, T4i is developing innovative hybrid systems based on paraffin wax.

Web: www.t4innovation.com

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    T4i develops both customized propulsion solutions based on customer's requirements and complete space products up to TRL9, focusing on electrical, chemical, and cold gas propulsion systems to cover different in-space applications for small satellite platforms (e.g., proximity maneuvers, orbit raising, decommissioning, station keeping, and relative satellite position maintenance) and chemical propulsion systems for launchers applications.
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    REGULUS is performing its IOD mission. Ready to enter the market
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    ROM offers sent to several prospects
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    Internal fundings Commercial development contracts Institutional grants and fundings for R&D activities
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    More than 1M€

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