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Spacemanic is small satellite mission integrator, specialised in delivering innovative and reliable nanosatellite solutions, platforms and components. The company is focused on design, development and testing of fundamental small satellite components, such as on-board computers, power system units and solar panels. The Spacemanic transceiver for UHF and S bands have been working in space for half year, on board the first Slovak satellite skCUBE.

In Spacemanic our motto is: Space is our playgound. It means, we see huge opportunities which are provided by endless space. Thus, we try to make space more accessible and affordable for people. We focus on the space tech nanosatellites (esp. cubesats) because nanosatellites have become an accessible space technology that allows use in several, especially scientific research areas and projects: Earth observation, communication, climate, traffic monitoring, etc. Requirements for R&D space projects are currently being addressed using expensive technologies.

Nevertheless, the costs of designing nanosatellite devices are still relatively high, take a long time and are demanding. Space access should be easy, affordable and very fast. In Spacemanic we promote this way and that’s the reason why our platforms are built on the system called Plug-and-Play. We are in developing phase and want to complete a unique Plug-and-Play platform which includes all background services and save time and costs in nanosatellites production and planning a mission for our customers.

The Plug-and-Play solution enables user to easily plug components necessary for proper cubesat operation into its platform. Therefore, customer will spend less time on an installation and more time on the payload construction development. Flexibility, low price and high expertise and quality, these are main benefits of our platform.


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    Since 2014 we are focusing on developing and testing GNSS receivers, focusing also on European Galileo navigation. In 2014, Jakub Kapuš, Spacemanic CTO, was awarded by European Space Agency with certificate of Galileo pioneers. Only first fifty organisations around the world was capable to receive signals and gain position from first four GALILEO IOV satellites. Our company was also first one to develop first chip-based galileo receiver and use it in the car. Since then we are developing various GNSS receivers and using them for testing and for our own applications. In the future we want to test and develop transceivers for Galileo Search and Rescue navigation service and also Galileo commercial service and Public regulated service.
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