Space Products and Innovation GmbH (SPiN)


Inefficient designs, long lead times, and incompatible components restrict access to space for incumbent and new satellite manufacturers alike. SPiN offers satellite integration solutions to transform satellites to modular systems: a service to design satellites in a flexible concept using model based system engineering methodology and a plug and play adapter, the MA61C intelligent data node. The service includes all the elements satellite operators require to procure a new satellite without committing to a specific manufacturer. SPiN provides mission analysis, system engineering, component market survey, regulatory support, procurement, assembly, integration and testing to deliver a satellite assembled with off the shelf components through the MA61C adapter. SPiN’s universal adapter, MA61C, transforms incompatible off-the-shelf components to plug- and-play, reducing design costs by 50%, production costs by 30%, and integration time by a year.
Space Products and Innovation UG (SPiN) A company whose goal is to spin in technology and concepts from outside the aerospace industry.


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    Multipurpose Adapter Generic Interface Connector (MA61C)
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    EGSE and satellite manufacturing
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    160K Euro

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