Navato Aerospace GbR


Treating the surface of Space Materials with Lasers and in a quantum Process to add new Material Properties.

Navato has developed a new technology to treat the surfaces of materials on a nanoscale to give them new properties, for example, better adhesion or friction reduction. It does not utilise coating but creates a permanent change of the surface properties on the quantum level.


Additional Details

  • Project Name
    Navato Aerospace GbR
  • Space Related Sector
    Material Science, Building of Rockets and Spaceships
  • Founders
  • Tech team
  • Stage of product/service
    Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – Service fully tested
  • Market situation
    Letter of interest from potential clients
  • Largest investor to date
    Family and friends
  • Total cash invested in start-up to date
    Less than € 100.000,00

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