TimeTag.Space is the first company in the world that offers space grade development level instrument measuring the time of events with picosecond precision for LiDAR, 3D scanning, altimetry; and it is adjustable for data transfer, data protection and time synchronization for satellite constellations.


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  • Space Related Sector
    LiDAR (Landing, Docking, Wind, Debris) - current partner MDA UK (two missions: DRONE MISSION and Luna-27); Altimetry - Partner EFACEC (developing system for Asteroid distance and surface measurement, HERA mission); Communication (Laser/Optical); Navigation; Synchronisation and Timekeeping (for all satellites)
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  • Stage of product/service
    Commercial Product
  • Market situation
    We are growing in EU market
  • Largest investor to date
    CRIF S.p.a (Italy) – Techstars (US) – ExpertDojo (US)
  • Total cash invested in start-up to date
    1.000.000 eur

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