HOSTmi started to build and operate the first space mobility web platform matching between carrier assets and hosted payload requirements in order to introduce highly needed innovation in a field that is becoming increasingly important. In order to make this service available to a broad range of stakeholders, and to streamline the requirements-engineering within NewSpace, we have been working on digital mapping of all relevant space mission requirements, semantic standardization, semi-automated requirements-engineering processing, and the development of intelligent requirements matching algorithms. We consider this current platform called miSMART as an intermediate step towards our long-term goal with the company: offering a web-based Digital Twin as a Service (DTaaS) Platform.
Our goal is to provide a web-based (https) environment where space industry players can configure and operate Digital Twins of their assets associated with the respective lifecycle position. This is done using a pre-configured architecture and digital environment that enables a so-called “Digital Twin as a Service” (DTaaS). This is intended to overcome cross-organizational boundaries and increase overall efficiency and reduce process and engineering risks of a space mission.


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    Digital Twin for Space
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    We develop a digital environment in which space industry players can configure and operate digital twins of their assets (e.g. satellites). In doing so, we aim to overcome cross-organizational boundaries and increase the overall efficiency of a space mission. We focus on providing a framework for the Digital Twin framework within Industrie 4.0 called "Asset Administration Shell" that will enable organizations to share information and models across the lifecycle of a space mission. The entire solution will be web-based and can be used anytime, anywhere!
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    17 out of 20
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    Working prototype
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    Product/services in beta test
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    Less than € 250.000,00

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