Leap Forward in Radiation protection Technology. With a single detector ALMAR, measure the different types of radiation and take your health on your hands. HERADO is changing the game in radiation protection application. Invest in ALMAR and prevent any consequences of the radioactivity in your working environment.

Α novel, state-of-the-art, Active Personal Dosimeter (APDs) ALMAR and Total Radiation Management Systems. HERADO’s Patented system ALMAR has unique features, the only real time active dosimeter at international level that is capable of measuring and separating in real time and with high accuracy, gamma rays, x-rays, beta, heavy ions and neutrons. HERADO, is bringing to market the world’s most competitive, active personal radiation dosimeter ALMAR.
HERADO’s dosimeter ALMAR according to evaluators has the potential to replace all the existing technology. HERADO using her knowledge from space technology contributes to a better quality of life. HERADO, is transforming radiation protection monitoring program by introduced the HERADO Platform. With HERADO Platform, HERADO seeks to leverage the power of its unique IoT clever radiation devices ALMAR to enable new possibilities in radiation protection. Using AI and cloud based technologies automatic transmission of radiation data and a completed radiation monitoring program. The HERADO Platform is intended to provide radiation exposure visualization of and access to data for users, hospitals, organizations authorities to makes administration and compliance easier, without the need to exchange at the end of the month anymore dosimeters and paperwork. SAVE time and ENSURE your health. HERADO’s platform for Radiation Data management and Device Management FAST, EASY and SECURE.

Web: www.herado.eu/

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