Hawa Dawa provides an air quality monitoring and management solution with high granularity spatial and temporal data resolution (street-level, near-real-time) on a global basis. Their proprietary monitoring devices offer high-precision data acquisition for a lower price than conventional devices.

Air quality is one of the biggest challenges facing urban economies. Hawa Dawa offers a solution based on satellite imagery, AI, machine learning and IoT sensor devices that measure air quality data with complete coverage in real time as a basis for a range of use cases from mobility to healthcare management and shipping- at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Hawa Dawa’s mission is to transform regions and cities by establishing air quality data & insights as a new commodity; connecting new digital ecosystems, establishing new digital business models and opening up new markets for private sector actors. Our data is delivered via an API and can be displayed in a highly visual interactive heatmap and dashboard along with other key metrics and data across a location.

Our pollutant data and air quality maps are already used a tool to help identify the location and concentration of emissions; such as those arising e.g. from traffic or shipping where our data helps develop efficient combatting mechanisms and assess the impact of mitigating measures, as well as make the data-based case for investing in new mobility measures including eVs and sharing services. We are working with cities, and core infrastructure and service partners to roll out networks of sensors, build global, ground-to-space data coverage to service diverse use cases and develop new digital tools and services to help citizens, business and municipalities better manage, mitigate for and reduce the health and environmental risks of air pollution.

Web: https://hawadawa.com/

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    Easy Air Quality Management via Satellite, AI & Sensor Tech
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    Downstream Satellite Data Services - developing geospatial services with the use of satellite-based data We are using pollutant data collected via Sentinel 5p from the Copernicus programme. We use other data sources from other international satellite missions.
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    Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – Service fully tested
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    Accredited investors or funds
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    More than € 1.000.000,00

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