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eOdyn is a new-maritime company, who invented SeaWaze, the “Waze of the sea”.
eOdyn is a New-Maritime company, founded in December 2015 to develop its Omni-Situ proprietary technology that measures ocean dynamics (wind, wave, current) and associated services. Company’s solutions are shaped for offshore energy, maritime transport, defence, state action at sea and space. eOdyn bridges the gap between machine learning, oceanography and seafaring. eOdyn develops SeaWaze, a suit of web-based Software as a Service decision support tools. Seawaze platforms are used to secure and optimize operations at sea along with the exploitation of marine infrastructures, based on marine traffic and satellite data mining.SeaWaze Offshore is used by offshore energy companies and offshore contractors for desk studies and onboard vessels through online/offline modes. SeaWaze Shipping is used by ship captains to optimize their route and shore support teams to manage fleet performance. SeaWaze does not require the installation of any sensor or specific device, yet it provides unique information about local ocean currents and sea-states, anywhere at any time.

Web: http://www.eodyn.com

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    eOdyn services rely on mining into Sat-AIS data, enabling near real-time global coverage. Non space based coastal AIS, as initially used by eOdyn, impedes measurement coverage. Altimetry satellite sea surface height measurement are used to complete and validate eOdyn measurement obtained by computing Sat-AIS data. There are currently more than 6 satellites involved to provide altimetry measurement: (including JASON 3, JASON 2, CRYOSAT, SARAL, SENTINEL 3, HY2A, and soon SWOT). Geostrophic surface currents will be derived from sea surface height measurements and merged with eOdyn surface currents derived from AIS data. Surface tracers such as SST and Chl concentration, allowing to observe ocean surface features such as eddies and fronts are also used for quality checking. Sentinel 3 and its collocated products (SST, Chl, altimetry) is an asset to enhance eOdyn measurements. eOdyn service are also used onboard vessels. Data packages exchange with end-users’ onboard vessels operating offshore are achieved thanks to the VSAT systems already installed on those vessels. Most these vessels are fitted with VSAT systems using Iridium, Inmarsat or Thuraya satellites.
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    Product/services in beta test
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    Accredited investors or funds
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    Between €100.000,00 and €1.000.000,00

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