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Celestial’s business model is B2B and upstream based within the satellite manufacturing industry, more specifically as a subsystem and components provider of communication hardware. The target customers for the communication and antenna systems for space applications are companies launching single satellites or small constellations.

Celestial enables the space industry to stay ahead of the increasing demands on telecommunication performance. To achieve this, Celestial develops innovative technology for space and terrestrial applications. Upcoming mega-constellation rely heavily on inter satellite connections and high data throughput. However, integrating multiple antennas facing different directions is problematic because of limited available power and volume on satellites. Celestials small satellite antennas are specifically targeting small satellite missions. Their high efficiency and performance make them ideal for low-powered missions. Further, the antenna design is the basis for additional systems and products. Ultimately, Celestial wants to propel all industry actors forward by providing industry grade engineering and academic educational training. The core technology Celestial is developing is radio frequency telecommunication hardware. Based on this core technology, Celestial has the capability to develop various systems. These systems can target different applications and address different markets. For earth focused satellite missions, Celestial can offer tailored communication systems, patch antennas, and array antennas. For industries such as transportation and logistics, as well as for IoT applications, Celestial can offer Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) terminals.

Celestial will tailor the systems to mission characteristics of the customer. This is a common industry approach and technically necessary. Celestial offers an antenna standard model based on mission requirements. In addition, a customized antenna model tailored to performance and integration needs can be ordered. Celestial’s designs are manufactured and tested with Europe-based partners. Further, Celestial offers remote and on-site integration support and engineering support. Therefore, Celestial and its customers will be in an ongoing and close involvement (up to 4 months) to align mission requirements and system development and integration.
Celestial provides industry grade engineering and academic educational training. These workshops teach the participants to design and understand satellite communication links for any space mission.

Web: https://celestialspacetechnologies.com/

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    Celestial develops subsystems and components for satellite communication. The related products address both, the space segment and ground segment. Celestials communication system and patch antenna will be integrated by small satellite developers, deployed, and used in orbit. As a hardware supplier, Celestial is B2B, upstream focused and therefore does not offer downstream, data -based services itself. However, Celestials products enable the offering of those services. The communication system and patch antenna enable common satellite communication, i.e. TT&C. An additional configuration option of the patch antenna results in a GNSS terminal. This terminal will be integrated by vehicles for navigational services. Therefore, this product enables customers to access Galileo/EGNOS data and services.
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    Multiple letters of interest from potential clients
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    Grant for EU initiatives (E.g.: SME Instrument phase 2, Fast Track to Innovation (FTI), FET Open)
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    Less than €100.000,00

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