80% of all roads worldwide are unpaved. The condition of such roads heavily depends on the season, weather, vegetation, and usage. Snow, ice, floods, landslides and heavy trucks may render these roads impassable for months. Based on Big Data and AI driven analytics, as well as Satellite Data for global coverage, we will provide a data layer with highly customized road drivability predictions.
Bareways is developing tools to make drivers aware of the potentially life-threatening risks along their route in remote regions of the world. They analyze satellite imagery and data from vehicle and smartphone sensors with machine learning methods to predict how hard it is to drive on a specific road anywhere in the world.

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    Using Satellite Data for Enhanced Navigation on Non-Paved Roads
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    Therefore, data from various sources - maps, weather forecasts, satellite imagery, road and vehicle sensors - will be aggregated, calibrated, and analyzed with artificial intelligence methods. But a global coverage, with strong focus on rural areas, cannot be achieved by land-based sensors and other data sources. By using publically available as well as commercial satellite data we can reach a global coverage and base our drivability predictions on AI driven pattern recognition methodologies.Bareways is the 1st prize winner of the INNOspace Masters Airbus Challenge 2020 and has been admitted to the ESA BIC NG Accelerator program.
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    Today, we are 10 engineers (13 employees in total)
  • Stage of product/service
    Working prototype, first POCs with Airbus and several automotive OEMs are running. With three automotive companies we are starting to talk about serial production contracts (licensing of data resp. data related services).
  • Market situation
    Product/services in beta test, several POCs running, discussions related to commercial licensing have started with several POC-customers
  • Largest investor to date
    nbr technology venture GmbH (Family Office v. Kuenheim). MBG-SH
  • Total cash invested in start-up to date
    1.700.000€ investments + 200.000€ public grants

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