Airgloss Multi-Sensing technology enables to detect and identify a wide range of indoor airborne pollutants, using AI algorithms and state of the art Pattern Recognition. Initially born as advanced aerospace erquipment thanks to a collaboration with NASA, and later on furtherly developed to be affordable for commercial and consumer market, Airgloss products feature a new generation of proprietary sensors, based on advanced MEMS technology.
Airgloss provides innovative solutions for real-time air quality monitoring and thermal comfort management for any kind of indoor space, from homes to offices, schools, hotels, healthcare and even transports.


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    Airgloss multi-sensing technology was developed for NASA to be installed on the ISS for safety of the astronauts. ESA awarded our products with the "Esa Space Solutions" trademak with the aim to give special recognition to our products higlighting the use of space technology in daily life on earth.
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    Product/Service complete
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    Grant for EU initiatives (E.g.: SME Instrument phase 2, Fast Track to Innovation (FTI), FET Open)
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    Between 100.000€ and 1.000.000€

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