Agricolus is an innovative startup working in Smart Farming sector. It was officially founded in February 2017 in Perugia, Umbria – the “green heart” of Italy – and it aims to support farmers and professionals in simplifying and enhancing the work in the field by using innovative technologies of data collection and analysis.

Agricolus platform is accessible directly from the web by creating an account and it is composed of the main applications of precision agriculture:

  • geolocated field mapping
  • satellite imagery with vegetation indices
  • forecast models for phenology, irrigation, pest and diseases
  • crop scouting with mobile App
  • task management
  • prescription maps for fertilization

What’s new is having all these tools available within a single, easy-to-use platform, able to integrate data from different sources and provide farmers with a complete Decision Support System (DSS).
Agricolus has different subscriptions according to the farmer’s needs: those who want to take the first steps towards the digitization of their farm, or simply understand how to use the platform, can register to Agricolus Free, the free version up to 10 hectares with some basic features.


Additional Details

  • Email
  • Project Name
    Agricolus platform
  • Space Related Sector
    Satellite imagery for agriculture
  • Founders
  • Tech team
  • Stage of product/service
    Already on the market
  • Market situation
    We have already satisfied customers, a large network among the value chain and top level reputation among technical partners, we have built some strategic Italian and international alliances that allows us to work with top player suppliers and research centres. We have high skills team members, proprietary professional forecasting algorithms, and we have developed the AgriPlug device that allowed us to require a patent for the whole ecosystem. In the last years we built an international brand awareness for Agricolus. Currently, we have more than 4000 users of our platform in 66 countries on five continents, our platform is available on six languages that makes it easy to apply and allows users simplify their work and achieve better yields. And in 2018 launched Agricolus Professional Academy that provides various levels of certification for different agricultural specialists till today has trained more than 1400 professionals.
  • Largest investor to date
    We raised about 2 mln € of public fundings (national and EU funds) and the company invested up to 300k € in time materia and company capital. We are A series startup, however currently not participating in any investment raising activities.
  • Total cash invested in start-up to date
    Around 1mln Euros

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